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Tolmácsolás, fordítás angol, olasz
translator and interpreter

translator and interpreter

Fordítás - angol, olasz

Mészáros Júlia angol tolmács, fordító

Dr. Júlia Mészáros translator and interpreter

Our Company was founded in 1988 as the legal succesor of Vice Versa Translation and Interpretation limited partnership company.
The managing director of the Company is Dr. Júlia Mészáros, economist, who has been working as translator and interpreter since 1982.

Our main profile and core activities:
- translation and interpreting,
- organisation of translation and interpretation activities,
- liaisoning with the customers,
- preparation of EU tender documents,
- organisation of conferences and professional programmes, offering the necessary technical services and equipment for conferences and (simultaneous) interpreting.

Translation and interpretation

in English,
Italian languages.

In case of need, we can do translations and interpreting also in other languages.
Proofreading of the translations, prepared by our Company or elsewhere is possible. By native speakers.

» Curriculum vitae + references (pdf)
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» Certificate - IMF (pdf)


Dr. Júlia Mészáros
translator and interpreter

Vice Versa Translation and Interpretation Company
1054 Budapest,
Bank utca 7.

cell phone: 36 30 954 0764


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